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GymPro NZ aims at helping regular gym-goers to make the most of their time and money when lifting weights and exercising at your local fitness spot.


As most people are preoccupied with their day-to-day life, fitness and sports are often taken as an after-thought.


Even though the intention of going to the gym and exercising regularly is commendable, the fact that it is not a top priority for many people often results in not getting the full benefit out of the gym. More often than not, a single error in your exercising routine can deem the whole fitness venture to be pointless.


That is why professional trainers and amateur athletes at Gym Pro NZ have set out to provide the most essential gym-going tips and tricks that will keep you up, running and, most importantly, getting results.



As a group of people with various experiences of going to the gym, we at Gym Pro know how easy it is to become distracted, stray away from your end goal and lose time and money in the process.

Our goal is to provide only the most essential advice to amateur gym-goers. Here are just a few categories that we specialize in:

Exercise Planning

It’s easy to skip the leg day to concentrate on something else, but straying away from the plan or not having a plan at all can be destructive. We will let you know how to plan your gym sessions in a fast and easy-to-follow way.

Proper Diet

No amount of exercise will help you get fit if you don’t supply your body with enough fuel. We employ the help of nutritionists and physicians to shed light on how to keep your diet in check without fanaticism.

Effective Exercise

Even if you think you know how your exercising routine should go, there are still hundreds of extra unnecessary motions made by most gym-goers everyday. We will decipher these for you and will let you know what to avoid.


People that are even remotely connected with fitness are bombarded with energy bars, protein shakes and various other supplement ads every day. A lot of the elements in them work great, but you might not need them all the time. Find out what you should and shouldn’t take.

Weight Loss

According to some statistics, 35% of New Zealanders older than 15 are overweight. The fact that this number is growing signifies that most people have no idea how to approach an overwhelming task of weight loss on top of an already stress-filled life. We are here to change that with simple and easy-to-understand guides.

Community & News

Fitness junkies and gym-goers are among some of the most passionate and open communities on the internet, with dozens of influencers and celebrities being a part of it. This means that there are always plenty of news coming out of the scene and we do our best to cover them.