About Us

Gym Pro NZ is a blend of your ordinary fitness blog and healthy tips site. We offer sound advice on how to go about your weekly gym routine without having to rip out your hair. At the same time, bringing just enough care to not make any mistakes that could negatively influence your end result.

The reason for such diversity is simple: all of them have encountered difficulties when going to gym that they haven’t heard about prior. With years of experience of navigating through these hurdles on their own, they have come together to put it all in one place, so you won’t have to go through them yourself.

Our goal

Gym Pro members strive towards two main goals. First – ease the way into the gym for as many people as possible. Most people are not only unaware of the benefits that regular exercise can bring into one’s life, they are actively opposed to going to the gym due to unsuccessful experiences in the past.

Such disregard deters people from changing their lives and leads to mass weight issues. Hence, our second reason – help reduce the overweight population in New Zealand.

Sounds like an ambitious task, but we do believe that by providing enough knowledge on fitness and weight loss in an accessible way, more people would turn their attention towards stepping into the gym and making the change for themselves.

Our vision

Due to the complexity of one’s everyday life, figuring out your exercising schedule can be a daunting task. However, we truly believe that setting yourself on a path to better health doesn’t have to take that much of your time at all.

We offer a variety of tips and guides on all things gym: weekly gym session planning, diet preps, right equipment and much more. Subscribe to our newsletter to get your regular fitness tips for the workout sessions ahead!